Kiyoh & Klantenvertellen WooCommerce

Configuring your Kiyoh & Klantenvertellen WooCommerce module

1. Get your location id

Log into your Kiyoh account and navigate to: invite -> extra options -> invite link.

2. Get your api/hash

You can find this on the same page as the previous step.

3. Wordpress/WooCommerce admin

Navigate to your module in the Wordpress/WooCommerce admin, should be visible in the main side bar.

4. Email send method

Here you can choose to send over the Kiyoh API or to use your own mail server. We'll handle the Kiyoh server/api method.

5. Delay

How long should Kiyoh wait (in days) after your chosen order status trigger (next step), before sending the review invite?

6. Event

Which event should trigger the scheduling of the review invite? Make sure your orders actually hit this status.

7. Optional: order status

Only relevant if the previous step is set to "order status change", this option is an extension of the same setting.

8. Server

Choose "new kiyoh" or "new klantenvertellen" based on your account. The "old" versions are being phased out.

9. Hash

Enter here your earlier retrieved hash/api key from your account.

10. Location id

Enter here your earlier retrieved location id (yellow marked part of the invite link) from your account.

11. Language

The two letter code of the language the review invites should be in. For example: nl or en

12. Add the widget

To place the score widget, the Wordpress/Woocommerce admin, navigate to: appearance -> Widgets.